What you will learn new:

  • MORE THAN 30 VARIETIES OF EXCLUSIVE ICE CREAMS : Making of variety of ice cream bases, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate ice cream, Mix fruit ice cream, Pineapple ice cream, Love 21 ice cream, Tuti Fruity ice cream, Straw berry/ mango/ litchi ice cream, Gulabo ice cream, Butter Scotch, Paan Bahar, Fig ice cream, Black Currant, Blue Ocean ice cream, Kesar Pista ice cream, Rocky road ice cream, Coffee mocha ice cream, Meera’s Special ice cream, Multi colour fruity popsicals (NEW), Lemoney Fruity popsicals ( NEW ), Chocolate Nutty Buddy (NEW), Kulfi, Faluda, Dreamy Sundaes, Banana Split, Cassata, Ripples, Hot Chocolate Fudge, Fruit salad with ice cream, 6-8 variety of Sauces / Toppings,


BEAT THE HEAT Learn to make the most exquisite and mouth-watering ICE-CREAMS on your own at your home (Without any preservatives and gelatine and 100% vegetarian).


2 days workshop