Cake decoration with modelling(CD-4)

What you will learn new:

  • Making of edible sugar lace and application, Application of Photo on Cake or cup cake, Recipes of truffle, modelling chocolate shared, Making of Dark and White modelling chocolate, Coloring and handling white modelling chocolate, Making of flower,leaves etc, Making of different objects, designs using different cutters and by hand, Bow by hand technique, Rose by hand technique, Patch Work – mat, quilt, Discussion on making lots of figurines, objects, flowers, patchwork, stripe work and other filler decorations, Chocolate is all about temperatures, so we will be teaching you all the correct techniques to work with chocolate. Designs taught These designs have been selected carefully so that you get an idea on crafting various things ranging from objects to figures. In this process you learn to use different consistencies for crafting. Note: We provide all materials for the class, so you need not bring anything with you. Moreover you shall take home whatever you make in the class


100% HANDS ON CLASS on pre baked CAKE OR CUP CAKES This course will ensure to kick start your crafting career/hobby with modelling chocolate. Making it completely different from molding chocolates Ready to move one step above chocolate making? Let’s do crafting then! Modelling chocolate is a versatile chocolate paste which can be crafted in a variety of forms. The paste can be easily crafted to make figurines, objects, flowers, patchwork, stripe work and filler decorations using hand techniques. Hence, making it completely different from molding chocolates. All raw materials used in this course are available locally.